Broward College Creates Mothering, Meditation Room for Employees and Students

November 5, 2013 | News



Broward College’s A. Hugh Adams Central Campus recently joined the ranks of organizations offering a private room to accommodate nursing mothers. The room, located in Student Services building 19, room 130, is the first on-campus area dedicated as a lactation room, providing a quiet and relaxing space for nursing students and Broward College employees. In addition to providing mothers a private place to nurse, the space can also be used as a meditation room, allowing faculty, staff and students to decompress or meditate.

Furnished with chairs, tables and a lockable door, the room can be used privately by appointment or partitioned into separate spaces to be used by up to three people. However, students and employees who nurse will have priority admittance.

The mothering and meditation room was created after students made a direct request in a college-wide survey requesting a quiet space on campus to be used for nursing mothers, meditation and reflection. The initiative is being led by Diana Hargis, coordinator of intramural sports, and through the Health and Wellness Knowledge program.

“Our students brought an important issue to our attention, and we took their request very seriously,” said Broward College Central Campus President Mercedes Quiroga, Ph.D. “Their voices were heard, and together, we were able to provide a safe and comforting place for our students and staff.”

Accommodations are available Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., by appointment. The room is not open to the community, only current faculty, staff and students, who must have a valid Broward College identification card to swipe in.

For more information, contact 954-201-6274.

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