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August 22, 2013 | More Tips



As students prepare to go back to school, Broward College is offering its top five tips to help make a stress-free and rewarding transition from summer to fall.

Prepare for Class
Preparing for the semester will help alleviate stress and anxiety. Students can stock up on supplies and books at any Broward College campus or center — or shop online at The bookstores offer a complete line of textbooks, both new and used, and a large selection of trade and reference books. They also have an extensive assortment of art supplies, gift items and more.

Remember Important Dates
Life is full of distractions and sometimes important dates slip by. To ensure students never miss a deadline the Academic Calendar is conveniently located online. The digital edition includes financial aid deadlines, class withdrawal and drop dates and final exam schedules.

Find the Perfect Study Spot
It is essential to find a place to study that is free from interruptions. Broward College offers library options on each campus — all have quiet study areas available to serve students. The libraries are staffed by Broward College employees to assist you. Visit the Library Location and Hours Page. Broward College also offers a number of student resources including tutoring, computer access and labs. For more information, visit the Learning Resource Center Page.

Stay Healthy
Good physical and mental health is vital to staying on top of your studies. Schedule dental and vision appointments to identify potential issues before heading back to the classroom. Broward College’s Vision and Dental Learning Clinics are open to the public, by appointment, and offer full-service care at a fraction of the cost. To schedule an appointment, call the Dental Clinic at 954-201-6779, and the Vision Clinic at 954-201-2080.

It is important to take a break from school and work to refresh and refocus in order to keep yourself from burning out. Full- or part-time Broward College students, faculty and staff can maintain their healthy lifestyle at any of the College’s on-campus fitness centers. Take advantage of a variety of equipment options and free fitness services by calling 954-201-6948, or visiting the Fitness Center Page.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast, unwind by the lake at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center, Broward College’s experiential learning, team building, and watersports and ropes course facility. Conveniently located just off I-95, take a break and relax in a canoe between classes!

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