Aviation History Month: The Aviation Institute Helps Students Take Flight

November 25, 2014 | Did You Know

The ability to fly has revolutionized nearly every aspect of modern living – forever changing the way we travel and trade. Aviation facilitates simple tasks like taking vacations, to complicated missions like delivering aid to those who cannot be reached otherwise.

With the Montgolfier brothers creating the first hot air balloon in 1783, the Wright brothers flying the first self-propelled airplane in 1906, and the first commercial flight in 1914, each innovation in aviation has brought the world closer together.

In November, we observe Aviation History Month to recognize and celebrate the great feats of flight and aviation innovation. The Broward College Archives and Special Collections department is conducting a special project in collaboration with the Eastern Airlines Retirees Association.

Cataloging memorabilia from the iconic Eddie Rickenbacker founded Eastern Airline, which made its home in Miami from 1975 to 1989; the students are arranging exhibits for display in the Aviation Institute’s lobby, and eventually at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Miami International Airports.

Deandrea McIntosh, an Aviation Institute student, said that cataloging artifacts and working on the exhibit was “very inspiring,” and that “after all the things we sorted through, I was fascinated.”

Aviation History Month is not only about remembering the past, but looking towards the bright future of the aviation industry. At Broward College, we’re preparing the next generation of aviation history makers with certified programs to help students take flight in achieving their career goals in this industry.

At the state-of-the-art training grounds, Broward College students can learn to be professional pilots, air traffic controllers, airplane mechanics, and even airport managers.

We invite you to learn more about careers in aviation and our degree and certificate programs at the Broward College Aviation Institute.

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