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When Least Expected, Broward College Students Make Presence Felt in China

On a recent trip to China to participate in graduation ceremonies at Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Russell McCaffery got a chance to mix business…

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Broward College Student Sets Sights on Repairing Aviation Mechanic Shortage

When he was just a kid growing up in Nigeria, Davidson Nzekwe-Daniel would build model airplanes out of paper, cardboard, and tape and power the plastic…

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Keep up with Your Goals this Summer by Using Broward College Resources and Discounts

If you missed out on the opportunity to land a summer job and are now wondering what to do in your free time, don’t worry. There are several Broward College…

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The Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery Prepares for the 2019-20 Year with Colorful Exhibit

Whether you are an artsy soul or not, there is some way art has made an impact on your life, either through a song that brought a smile to your face, a movie…

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