Brushing Up On Your Career Skills

September 13, 2013 | More Tips

Now that class is back in session you’re  probably focused on getting through the semester.. However, it’s never too early to start your career planning, and we’re here to help.

At Broward College, our goal is to provide students with resources that will help both in and outside of the classroom. We understand that higher education can mean  higher pay, so here are  a few tools that are readily available to students and alumni:

The Broward College Career Centers & College Central Network Services offer resources to assist students with their career needs. .  Assistance is available in a variety of areas including:

Resume Services: The first impression you give to potential employers is your resume. This critical marketing piece about yourself not only provides information on your background but can tell a story about you and what you can offer  as an employee.

The Broward College Career Center Resume Section can assist in helping you craft the ideal resume. . It provides examples of objective statements, standard resume components and other great advice. Once you have you’re a draft of your resume you can have it reviewed by a career expert and submitted to our College Central Network as part of your career portfolio allowing you to send your resume to hundreds of employers.

Interview Strategies: Here you can find quick tips and tactics for a successful interview! Learn what the interview flow will look like, before you step into the door! There are questions that are important to ask, as well as some that you should refrain from asking.

The Broward College Career Center Interviewing Section can provide you with some valuable fundamentals and tips that can be the difference between you getting the job or not.

Jobs/Internships: Once you have developed your resume and interview skills, the College Central Network allows you access to job/internship boards exclusively available to Broward College students and alumni. You can browse the job boards for available opportunities and send your resume directly to employers.

The College Central Network provides students and alumni with a, variety of online career tools to help prepare students prepare for the workforce. . Services include resume reviews, job and  internships searches, career workshops, events and more .

We invite you to attend our upcoming Resume Writing Workshop on September 18th. Check out our full schedule of workshops here. You can also stop by our Career Centers on campus for more information.


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