The U.S. Department of Education awarded Broward College a $2.5 million grant over the next five years to address the critical shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teachers in South Florida. A 2019 report by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) showed STEM areas, such as General Science, Physical Science, and Math, lack qualified teachers.

The five-year Teacher Quality Partnership grant will fund the development of Teacher Preparation through Real-World Experience and Practice (T-Prep), a new initiative of the College’s Teacher Education program in collaboration with Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), which will receive  $500,000 to support mentor training and compensation.

“At Broward College, we have recognized the need and potential to combat this shortage in our local education system,” said Dr. Marielena DeSanctis, provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs and Student Services. “The targeted training and mentorship components of this grant will not only serve to increase the numbers of STEM and ESE teachers but, more importantly, serve to support new teachers in these critical areas to achieve student learning gains in this field.”

Meeting Local Demand

Teacher Education ProgramBCPS estimates the need for at least 50 certified STEM teachers each year. Through T-PREP, the College is targeting 25 candidates per year in the areas of Math, Science, Exceptional Education, and Computer Science. At the same time, the program will train 25 current BCPS teachers to serve as mentors to each of the candidates. A semester-long residency under the supervision of their mentors will provide student-teachers with the valuable hands-on experience necessary to transition into a full-time position at their school.

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