10 Back to School Tips for a Successful Semester

August 17, 2015 | More Tips

With the first day of school almost here (August 24th for Broward College students), it’s time to prepare mentally and physically for the new semester. While it can be difficult to shake off a more relaxed summer schedule, we put together ten back to school tips to help you get ready for the new school year.

10 Back to School Tips

  1. Adjust your sleep schedule. Time zone jumping is acceptable during the summer, but now’s the time to settle in to a regular sleep schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up a little earlier each day as you get closer to the start of classes. By practicing your routine, you’ll avoid shock and arrive on time during the first day.

back to school tipsCreating a regular sleep schedule will not only make your first day easier, but it will serve you throughout the semester. By keeping your sleep cycle steady throughout the year, you’ll avoid being sleep deprived even through the most arduous parts of midterms and finals. Staying well rested will help you retain information from your study sessions and keep you focused during tests.

Another tip: If you’re not a morning person, choose your class schedule wisely. You want to make sure you can commit to the classes you take.

  1. Check your email. Your Broward College email account will have important messages about your classes, financial aid, critical dates, events, and more. Get into the habit of checking your email daily. You might also want to add your BC email to your mobile phone and tablet to ensure you receive messages timely.
  1. Don’t forget financial aid. It’s important to make sure your financials are in order before classes start. Review your aid package, check for red flags, and deal with any issues as soon as possible. You can contact the Financial Aid Office at (954) 201-2330, or at for assistance.
  1. Stay healthy. Getting enough sleep is a key component to a healthy a semester. Eating right and exercising are also important. If you feel better, you’ll think better, and in turn you’ll have a stronger semester.

Start each day with some stretches or a light workout, followed by a healthy breakfast. Fuel yourself throughout the day with healthy brain foods such as walnuts, blueberries and pumpkin seeds which can help keep your memory sharp. Also, ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Flex your thinking muscles. How many math problems did you solve over the summer? A long break makes it difficult to swing back into the pressure of academic work. Warm-up to the new semester by doing crossword puzzles, brainteasers, or other mentally invigorating activities.
  1. Get organized. In an age of widespread personal technology, there are a number of tools available to keep you organized. A basic weekly to-do list will help you meet deadlines but you can also try different mobile applications such as Asana , Trello , or Evernote to keep you on track. Find what works and be consistent.
  1. Get involved. Make the most out of the college experience by getting involved. Broward College offers a number of clubs and activities where you can meet new people, develop skills, help others and have fun. From art and science clubs to Greek and professional organizations, there’s something for everyone. Learn about BC’s clubs and organizations here.
  1. Set goals. Defining success is the key to a successful semester. Before the first day, make a list of specific and quantifiable goals that you hope to accomplish. Your goal could be to achieve a 13 credits for the semester, or a high GPA. You can even set a reward for yourself at the end to keep you motivated.
  1. Find a support system. Whether its family, friends, or mentors – a solid support system is important to help you reach your goals. If you’re experiencing difficult issues during the semester, Broward College offers free student counseling services. Click here to learn more about our student assistance program and 24 hour emergency hotline. Find help when you need it.
  1. Have fun, but keep education your top priority. The end of summer may be nearing but there’s no reason to stop the fun. You still need to enjoy yourself throughout the school year. Once homework is done and your study sessions are complete, relax and enjoy yourself. Not only will it help you focus better when you return to your schoolwork but you’ll achieve positive work-life balance.

Are you ready for the new semester? We wish you a safe, healthy and positive new school year.




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