Taking Notes Using A Tablet vs a Traditional Note-Pad

October 25, 2013 | More Tips

When it comes to note-taking, smart phones and tablets offer an efficient way of capturing key points from a class lecture — but you may not want to put your sticky notes and highlighters away just yet. Traditional note-taking may still be a better choice in some settings. Here are a few things to consider:

traditional way to take notesSpeed: Professors often move through material quickly to maximize class time. Unless you are using an external keyboard with your tablet, you might be able to write on paper faster than type on a touch screen.

Advantage – Traditional note-taking.

Precision: Have you ever had trouble deciphering your own handwriting?., If your penmanship matches your doctor’s, a tablet might be your best option. Advantage – Digital tablet.

Distraction Potential:  If you have trouble staying focused, taking notes with a digital tablet can be a hazard. Social media streams and tablet games may be tempting during class lectures.

Advantage –Traditional note-taking.interactive way to take notes

Accessibility: Misplaced notes or notebooks are a common occurrence among college students who manage several classes.  With a digital version of your notes you can email them to yourself and store them digitally for future reference. While you can still lose a tablet, the odds of losing a note pad is probably much greater. Advantage – Digital tablet.

Both tablets and notepads have advantages.  However you choose  to take notes  Broward College offers support and resources to help you finish what you start and reach your educational goals. Stop by our Learning Resource Centers or Campus Libraries for more information.  


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