New Media Communication Degree Announced

January 26, 2017 | News

Broward College recently announced it will offer an Associate of Science degree in New Media Communication. The program will address the increasing demand among media agencies and local businesses for employees equipped with the latest technical, creative and evaluative knowledge needed to manage large and small scale communication. Classes will begin in fall of 2017. 

 blue tone city scape and network connection conceptThe New Media Communication Degree will move students beyond traditional media by broadening the scope of communication to incorporate a range of platforms and technical devices including smart phones, robots, social networking sites, mobile and internet applications. The new program makes Broward College a local leader in the communication field by being the only college in the state to offer a New Media Communication degree.

“Few higher education institutions appreciate the demand among contemporary media communication businesses or organizations for employees equipped with alternative writing approaches, knowledge of digital formats, capacity for nonlinear storytelling, and an appreciation of how culture changes and influences the development and management of communication platforms,” said Henry Mack, associate dean of Academic Affairs for the Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design programs at Broward College.

To ensure the degree is applicable to current trends in the communication field, the College worked closely with industry partners to develop the program structure. In addition to providing students with the skills to use current and emerging technologies for storytelling, the degree also has embedded humanities-based competencies which will focus on creating communication professionals who are “ethically minded,” empathetic, excellent writers, with the kinds of skills necessary to emerge as a confident, savvy communication leader. Other courses include business communication, computer mediated communication, research and design. The program also has an internship component where students will work directly with local media industry employers in order to perfect their particular communication skill-set. 

 Applications are currently being accepted for the Fall 2017 semester. For more information, please visit or contact Henry Mack, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at


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