Lights, Camera, Action! AS Degree Opens Doors to Film, Digital and Entertainment Industry

September 12, 2016 | News

p10709762The Academy Award for the best picture goes to…

Whether you are captivated by the panoramic views and set designs in The Revenant, or the sound effects of Star Wars, the skills and techniques used in film and video production are designed to draw on the emotions and engage the senses. If you find yourself interested in more than just the characters and plots in movies, then you should consider joining the action with a career in film and video production. It’s one of the newest programs offered in the Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design Pathway at Broward College.

The will propel students into the industry. The two-year degree accepted its first set of students last fall and provides hands-on instruction in the fundamentals of pre- and post-production techniques. The curriculum was designed using the structure from some of the best film schools in the world and boasts the latest state of the art equipment and technology. Courses include editing, sound design, visual effects, advanced post production, screenwriting, film appreciation, and film producing. This creates a wealth of practical experience and allows students to build their portfolios as they progress towards graduation

Pezhman Jatala, program manager, explained that the degree was developed to take advantage of Florida’s film industry, which is ranked in the top ten across the United States. “There are more than 16,000 Florida-based companies supporting film and digital media working in the industry as well as a number of entrepreneurial opportunities in video production such as weddings, corporate events and the entertainment industry,” he said.

This translates into thousands of job possibilities. Graduates can work as a videographer, camera operator, video editor, film production crew member, sound editor, film and video producer, director, cinematographer, or starting your own production company. An added benefit to working in a creative and exciting profession is the earning potential. The Office of Film and Entertainment Annual Report, 2013-2014 said the average annual wage of film and digital media professionals was $70,000.

To ensure that graduates of the program can continue to build on their skills and progress in the field, the College is currently working on a “two plus two” agreement with Miami-Dade College so students can complete their Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Film Production. The program takes an average of 50 students.

If you have that drive to create visuals that will evoke emotions and create lasting memories, then this degree option could be the right one for you. Maybe the next time we hear the words, “the Academy Award goes to…” it will be for something you created.



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