Leadership of Memorial Healthcare System Take Tour of New ALS EMS Simulation Ambulance

September 26, 2016 | News

28938834090_2319624783_kHealth science students at Broward College are now able to receive an invaluable, immersive experience aboard the ALS (Advanced Life Support) EMS (Emergency Medical Services) simulation training ambulance. The unit given to the program by Memorial Healthcare System, and is the latest gift in a partnership that spans 25 years.

Aurelio Fernandez, III, president and CEO of Memorial Healthcare System in South Broward, joined J. David Armstrong, Jr, Broward College president, to get a closer look at the new mobile teaching tool. They stepped in the back of the ambulance to meet the Center’s newest SimMan 3G, a wireless high-fidelity mannequin, also funded through Memorial.

“We have a long history with Broward College,” Fernandez said. “This expands our commitment to the community in creating the support that the Broward County residents need for rapid response. We are reinvesting in education and giving back to our community at the same time.”

“We have had an incredible partnership, and we are so intricately connected,” Armstrong added. “A significant portion of our local healthcare workforce is trained here at Broward College. We are grateful for the incredible support they’ve given us to help our students grow.”

Fernandez was accompanied on the tour by colleagues Shane Strum, executive vice president, and Dr. Stanley Marks, senior vice president and chief medical officer. The unit itself is a 2015 Dodge 5500 Hemi, gas engine and meets all the state requirements for an ALS ambulance. Features include four cameras and two speakers which allow students to review and analyze how they cared for the “patient” during and after the simulated scenario is completed. A TV screen on the driver’s side allows for others to watch the scenario play out firsthand. The unit also features a retractable awning, which can come in handy for teaching outside the classroom and for debriefing sessions.

Thanks to this gift, students can get the feel of what it’s like caring for a subject while in motion. They quickly find out it’s far different and can be more challenging than performing the same exercise in a lab or stationary environment. The ambulance, driven by certified instructors, can travel anywhere on campus.

For Kathleen King, district director of the Health Sciences Simulation Center, the bar has been raised with the addition of the ambulance. She finds the unit provides the opportunity for future EMT and paramedic personnel to train in an inter-professional environment together.

“There is no other program providing this type of quality training,” she said.

The ambulance will be available to the EMT and paramedic programs, as well as those taking the emergency department course through continuing education and workforce development. Students may even see the unit at career fairs. King says there are also plans in the works to use the vehicle for community outreach at K-12 schools and for community disaster training.

Visit the link for more information on the Broward College health sciences programs.


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