Professional Development Day Celebrates Years of Service, Endowed Faculty and Top Adjuncts

February 29, 2016 | News

Each year, the Teaching, Learning and Technology Department and the Professional Development Planning Committee partner to provide the College community with an extensive and interesting array of workshops aimed at professional development and personal growth.

During the opening ceremony, several top professors that were honored for their outstanding work in the classroom, serving our students.

Endowed Teaching Chair Honorees included:

  • Behnoush Memari* – Physical Science, A. Hugh Adams Endowed Teaching Chair
  • Andrea Apa – ESL, South Campus; Jan R. Cummings Endowed Teaching Chair
  • Mitzi Fulwood* – Mathematics, North Campus; Gene A. Whiddon Endowed Teaching Chair
  • Ana Gonzalez – Wellness/Physical Science, Central Campus, Motorola Endowed Teaching Chair
  • Laura Lossi – Mathematics, Central Campus; Donald Goldsmith Faculty Endowed Teaching Chair
  • Victoria Noorzai – ESL, North Campus; Second Generation Com Leaders Endowed Teaching Chair
  • David Perdian – Physical Sciences, North Camous; Dr. Bryan J. Bryan Endowed Teaching Chair
  • Jure Rozman – Music, Central Campus, Rotary Club Endowed Teaching Chair

Professional Development DayDr. Fulwood and Dr. Memari are two-time recipients.

Professor of the Year recipients included:

  • Robert Chalwell (History/Political Science, South Campus)
  • Annette Chionilos (Mathematics, Central Campus)
  • Michelle Levine (Computer Science, Central campus)
  • David Perdian (Physical Science, North Campus)
  • Jillian Wojcik (Behavioral Science, BC online)

The Adjunct Professors of the Year recipients included:

  • Rhonda Bobb (EAP/reading on South Campus)
  • Michael O’Neill (social science, Central Campus)
  • Laura Rambarose (behavioral science, Central Campus)
  • Yady Rodriguez (mathematics, North Campus)
  • Shivanie Saith (biology, North Campus)

In addition, several faculty and staff members were recognized for their years of service. The College is fortunate to have many employees and faculty who have made a lasting impact on
its history including Connie Nelson, Randal Wiler and Jane Williams who celebrated 35 years; M.D. Carabelli who celebrated 40 years, and Michael Hart who celebrated 45 years.

Click here to view photos from the event:


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