Chris Shannon Named CE Director for Medical Programs

October 29, 2014 | More People

Chris Shannon has been appointed Broward College’s director for Continuing Education/Workforce Development – Health Sciences. Shannon came to the college in 2004 as lead instructor teaching Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support and Pediatric Life Support classes as well as classes in the Emergency Medical Services department. As the new department director Shannon will also take on the role of the American Heart Training Center coordinator, and will be directing and coordinating all American Heart Association programs in accordance with the AHA training  guidelines. In addition to his work at Broward College, Shannon is a fire captain/paramedic for the City of Sunrise.

Shannon is a proud Broward College alumnus, having attend the Broward Fire Academy in 2000, EMT/Paramedic training in 2001, and fire officer training in 2004. He received an Associate in Science degree in Fire Science in 2009 and added a baccalaureate degree from St. Thomas University and in currently enrolled at Nova Southeastern University completing work on his master’s degree in Disaster and Preparedness.


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