Two Students Recycle their way to Scholarship Funds

May 25, 2016 | More People

Terra Cycle ProgramThe old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” certainly rings true for Broward College TerraCycle. For eight years the Broward College TerraCycle program has collected a laundry list of items that can be “Upcycled” into new products. Collected items are worth two cents each, and the program’s initial efforts barely produced enough material to purchase a coffee.

“We laughed and said, ‘What should we do with this?'” said Jarrod Hersh volunteer TerraCycle coordinator and the assistant director of student financial services college-wide. “So we decided to put [the money] toward a scholarship.”

Today the scholarship, in memoriam of Everglades wildlife officer Michelle Lawless, has grown to providing 4 students with $500 is tuition assistance per semester. Students are encouraged to work with local businesses and their families, friends and neighbors to collect items. Two of this year’s scholarship recipients include Chace Carlisle and Erica Montero.

Chace Carlisle- recipient at North Campus

The 22 year old Broward College student is set to graduate fall 2017 with a degree in biomedical or biochemical engineering. Chace comes from a very environmentally-friendly home who found it astonishing that his fellow students were not raised to recycle as he was.

“Recycling is something I am already so passionate about, so it was very easy for me to do this,” Chase said. “After class and on my free time I would visit computer stores, beauty salons and shops locally every couple of weeks to collect things that they would usually throw away.”

Chase plans to use the scholarship to lessen the burden of tuition.

Erica Montero- recipient at Central Campus

This 17 year old Broward College student moved from Venezuela and graduated high school a year early. She plans to graduate in spring 2018, and continuing her education by pursuing a law degree. In her house, Erica is known as a tree hugger.

“Ever since I saw a video on global warming in fourth grade, I make sure to recycle on a daily basis and do my homework on scrap paper,” said Erica. “It was a hard transition from Venezuela to the United States when it came to recycling. In Venezuela my family recycled everything in the home, whereas here in the states, there is a significant amount of waste and it is not as easy to recycle.”

Even after discovering the scholarship with only six weeks left to collect, she managed to grab as many recyclable things as possible to secure a scholarship.

In addition, Rosa G. and Emilio R. joined Chace and Erica as the third and fourth scholarship recipients.

About TerraCycle:

TerraCycle hopes to reach its goal of 600,000 items rescued from Florida landfills annually. Items that can be collected include household items such as a toothbrush or dental floss container to plastic cups, chop bags, granola bar wrappers and more.

Broward College maintains an updated list of approved items on the Broward College Team Green website. To drop off collected items or to become involved with Terracycle, contact Jarrod Hersh at


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