Celebrating EMS and Nurses Week

May 4, 2017 | News

Some of the biggest real-life heroes aren’t found on a summer movie screen or in a comic book, but inside a hospital or in an ambulance. These unsung men and women are celebrated each May during National Nurses Week (May 6-12) and EMS Week (May 21-27).

Going through life, it’s impossible not to have been assisted by a nurse or a member of EMS personnel. They impact the world around us and save lives on a daily basis. In celebration of National Nurses Week and EMS Week, below members of the Broward College family share messages of appreciation and personal experiences.

“When I was on my deathbed, nurses saved my life in 1995. I had leukemia and was given a bone marrow transplant. They would give me the motivation to continue fighting and to never give up. I told myself if I survived, I would somehow go to school and become a nurse. More than 20 years later now I can say I am doing just that.”

-Patrick Myton, Broward College Associate of Science in Nursing graduate


“My earliest experience of wanting to be a nurse came about when I was in eighth grade sitting in my Home Economics class. My classmate, who shared the same work table, was missing for a week. Upon inquiring of their whereabouts, I was told that she had died from meningitis. I had never heard of the disease or hardly any at that point in my life. From then on, I have never stopped learning about diseases and how I can make it better for someone else so that death would not overtake them.”

-Dr. Linda Washington, Broward College RN-BSN associate dean


“I became a health care worker because at 19, and a P.E. major, I had a tonsillectomy and almost died. I was in critical care for more than 24 hours. I decided to go into health care to help individuals. I started in radiology and went on from there.”

-Jacqueline Stawicki, Emergency Medical Services associate dean


“I worked in the healthcare field for a period of time, but it never really hit me what these professionals go through until one day in 2008. I was working in the Cancer Center at Broward Health and knew many of the patients and physicians well. One day, a beloved patient passed away and the entire department was in a somber mood and no one was more upset than his stoic oncologist. It was then I learned he cried for each patient who would pass away, write their names on his board, and vow to give the next patient just one more day than that one. I have never been more in awe of someone’s compassion, kindness and determination.”

-Lesli Franco, Director of Communications and Public Relations


The Nursing and EMS programs at Broward College continue to build on their stellar reputation for providing the workforce with highly skilled graduates to hire. Many have even come circle and return to the College to teach.

For more information on entering either career, visit the Health Sciences page.


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