Broward College Recommends 11 Professors For Continuing Contracts

March 2, 2016 | More People

President J. David Armstrong Jr., announced recommendations during Annual Broward College Board Meeting

Consistent with annual recommendations, Broward College President J. David Armstrong and Provost Dr. Linda Howdyshell 1advocated that continuing contracts remain a College-supported initiative for Broward College professors, and endorsed eleven full-time faculty for continuing contracts at today’s monthly Broward College Board of Trustees Meeting. This is the eighth consecutive year Broward College has recommended faculty members for continuing contracts, also known as tenure, since President Armstrong has been at the state school, which serves nearly 68,000 students annually.

“For each of the past eight years I have been at Broward College, we have recommended individuals of our faculty for continuing contracts,” said J. David Armstrong. “We always are trying to retain talented and passionate professors who push our students to expand and engage their minds. The eleven faculty conferred upon today are exemplary members of our College, and I am happy to offer them the opportunity to continue to positively impact our students for as long as they so choose.”

Broward College is committed to providing students with academic excellence by retaining above standard faculty. Professors who demonstrate this at a high level consistently are recommended and approved for continuing contracts.


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