Broward College Hosts Korean Delegate

May 9, 2016 | News

When delegates visit the United States, it’s usually to share educational best practices and fun cultural traditions.  Recently, delegates from Korea came to share their stories and ideas with Broward College.

Korean DelegateThe delegation was led by Kyoung Joo Nam, Strategic Business Development team leader, who selected Broward College as his point of interest. The aspirations of the visit were to explore which universities and colleges provided training in marine programs within the U.S. system, how they function within their local communities, and how each builds their curriculum and develops their faculty. Kyoung Joo Nam chose Broward College after learning that the college provided training in marine programs, and he along with his team spent the day at Broward College touring the facility and discussing the need for marine training in Korea. At Broward College Nam learned that education in the marine program focused on providing quality instruction, providing the proper equipment and tools, and offering hands-on, real-world training.

“We were excited to have the opportunity to host the delegation and share information about our processes and programs,” said Sean Gallagan, associate dean of transportation programs. “Collaboration is an important element of any successful education program, and we do best when we can share these procedures with one another.”

Beyond the essential connections made, the knowledge gained from this diverse and dynamic interaction was limitless. Armed with the new information and connections made at Broward College, Nam returned to Korea to share his observations and contribute to the future of higher education in his own country.

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