Broward College Career Center Offers Business Etiquette Tips

May 28, 2014 | More Tips



Good manners equal good business and in order to form productive, solid relationships in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace and digital world, it is important to not overlook basic etiquette. In recognition of the 8th Annual National Business Etiquette Week, celebrated June 1-7, Broward College’s Career Center coordinators are offering tips on how to stay professional and polite in the workplace:

4 Crucial Business Etiquette Tips

  1. Turn off your gadgets in meetings. Have the discipline to step away from unnecessary distractions. Many supervisors start meetings by reminding everyone to turn off their phones and laptops because when everyone is unplugged they are able to focus on what is happening around them, and meetings tend to be much more productive.
  2. Arrive on time for meetings. Whether you are the host or a guest, you should arrive at the scheduled time, or even fifteen minutes early. If you get held up, don’t hesitate to send a quick email or make a phone call, which can keep the meeting leader informed of your delay.
  3. Express gratitude. Thank you notes go a long way. If possible, a handwritten note is ideal. If you take the time to follow up, it will get you noticed. Also, if you prefer a paperless option, make sure your email message is concise, thoughtful, and sticks to proper spelling, punctuation and grammar rules.
  4. Be mindful of e-Etiquette. Think before you type to avoid saying anything in an email or instant message that you wouldn’t want being broadcast to your entire organization or company. Before you hit send, take a step back, and read over your message to ensure you are communicating in a professional and balanced manner.


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