5 Ways to Find a Great Job

May 12, 2015 | More Tips

Classes are over and it’s time to start planning for summer. Whether you just graduated and are ready to start your career or you’re just looking for a summer internship or part-time employment, the Broward College Career Center Network (CCN) can help.

CCN is open to all Broward College students or alumni and employers. By registering with CCN, you gain access to a free online portal that offers some of the following services:

  • Professional resume review and assistance
  • Career help guides & tools
  • Exclusive job and internship board where you can post your resume and apply for jobs or internships.
  • Access to a calendar of events such as job fairs, information sessions and more.

Finding your dream job is possible but it takes work. Here are five great tips to help you put together a great resume, ace an interview and ultimately find work you’re passionate about.


  1. Take Advantage of the Career Center

As a Broward College student or alumni, the Career Center offers you an incredible advantage in a competitive job market. The Career Center can help you match your interests and personality with aptitude tests to define your talents and find a career match to your major.

Once you know what career pathway to pursue, your academic advisor and career coach can help you develop a strong educational plan that can help determine the program and classes you need for the career you want.

Tip: Planning is key. Visit the Career and Advising offices early to help you develop and solid career plan.

  1. Develop a Dynamic Resume

Showing relevant experience on a resume will help you land that coveted interview. If your background doesn’t align with the jobs you’re seeking, get the competitive advantage by landing an internship or volunteering in a related field. Outline key duties and experience on your resume and then push it over the top with an impactful cover letter.

Your resume and cover letter are often the first impression an interviewer has of you; make that impression stand out for the right reasons. Nothing is worse than missing out on the perfect position because of a typo. The Career Center Network offers free resume reviews.

  1. Jumpstart Your Job Search

The CCN offers and exclusive online search board that gives you access to jobs and internships that are posted exclusively for Broward College students and alumni. You can search and apply for jobs or post your resume and help employers find you.

The CCN also gives you access to announcements, events, and career advice. There’s even tools to help you manage your on-campus interview schedule and report job offers.

  1. Your Network is Your Net Worth

Leverage your online and in-person connections to gain an edge in your job search. Expand your network by leverage connections on Linked-In.

A 2014 Jobvite survey found that 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media. Don’t let this potential gold mine of opportunities go untapped. Let your followers know you’re looking by posting a link to your Linked-In profile on your social networks.

Tip: Know what’s out there. Some employers search out the social media networks of prospective employees. If you don’t want your boss to see it, you may want to remove it from your feeds.

  1. Ace the Interview

Preparation’s the key to a job-winning interview. Study the company, rehearse common questions, then dress appropriately and interview with confidence. Before your interview, review advice on interviewing strategies at CCN and get there early.

Now that you know the top five ways to get a better job, put them to use. Then share your experience with the Broward College Career Center Network. Good luck!


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